New Project: 1997 Volvo 850 T5

New Project: 1997 Volvo 850 T5

Its been a slow month since the Christmas epidemic started spreading. Sales have definitely taken a 100% hit this month, which I don’t know if it should be taken as a sign for the beginning of the end or a blessing in disguise. I’m going to take it as a blessing since it was our shop’s first month opening. My normal volumes would have caused a total sh*t show!

Anyways. In the haze of endless hours of TV watching and feeling like I am doing absolutely nothing with my life, I found our next project car. Shes a little rougher than I usually buy them, but boredom was getting to the best of me and I decided not to pass it up. The body is pretty straight but there are a few things I feel like our customers would definitely appreciate when fixed.


The interior is pretty trashed. The seats are torn up, and the steering wheel leather is starting to peel. I also found out later (after driving it home to the shop) the odometer was broken as well.


When I found the car, the engine was making a dramatic show of scary noises. All of which, came from the AC compressor since the bearings had broken causing the metal to scrape incessantly. A quick 10 minute test drive with the defrost on yielded an air compressor so over heated it glowed red! Did I mention it also has two flat tires? The post examination wasn’t exactly good news either – the turbo was leaking oil and it looks like we need 4 new struts. Its a good thing we just so happened to have a donor car on site!


Having a donor car will cut our material expenses down to nothing 🙂 We lucked out to find that this junker Volvo was the same year and model – without the high compression turbo in our project car. It looks like we have about 9 hours of work cut out for us, but I’m excited to see this car finished. It will be virtually unrecognizable once we’re finished. Who knows – maybe after we’re done, we’ll throw a new coat of paint on her and get rid of these little rock punctures…


Stayed tuned! More pictures to come 🙂


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