Our mechanics did it! 1998 Volvo V70 XC

Our mechanics did it! 1998 Volvo V70 XC

Hello world! This is our first post as Junkyard Revival rolls out its first finished product: 1998 Volvo V70 XC Turbo! We are excited to write about this car – not only because it’s our first accomplishment as a new team, but this car has been a personal favorite for quite sometime. Here is the story behind it.

I found this car at a dealership through a private seller. Approaching this car was like walking up to my first high school crush! I’ve been reconditioning and fixing up cars for a while now, but never thought I would ever have the cash to get my hands on one of these. Retail price for one of these cars run around $3500, and buying one in bad condition alone will run you around $2700. I had the chance to purchase this car at a steal of a price, but I had to swallow a good bit of risk to do so. The car had a broken fuel pump, and a missing center drive shaft. Needless to say, the car wouldn’t start. Purchasing a used car is pretty low risk if you know what you are doing but if you cant test drive it, you have no way of telling if you’re buying yourself a money pit. The good thing is the owners kept extensive maintenance records, and majority of the care was provided by the dealership. Despite the non-working condition, the maintenance history had me sold and I bought the car.

After an extensive look through, our mechanics deemed it a great find. The turbo under the hood wasn’t leaking, the head, block and valve cover looked intact. Even the suspension looked tight! It was time to shop for parts – one of my favorite perks to my job. Why would you ask? Because me shopping for parts means saving money. The dealership had quoted the previous owners a lofty $1200 to fix the fuel pump, and another $700 for the center drive shaft totaling $1900!! After a few days of searching I found the replacement parts for less than $350.

Its a good thing our mechanics have the same obsession I do in fixing old cars. Once we got a hold of the parts, we had the Volvo up and running in half a days time. The center console of the car was dismantled as well, so I put a little time in and put it back together. After that, we took it to the wash and had the inside detailed.

Behold. Our first finished product! Tell us what you think.



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  1. Joe Phoebus May 9, 2016 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Everything brings smile to my face. I have known of Volvo’s since my father purchased a 544 sedan in 1963. I loved the car. Dad sold it in 1967, if knew I was rotating back from Germany he would of kept the car. I purchased a 1998 V70 with 150,000 miles. I now have 317,000 on the vehicle. I enjoyed reading your articles, and always learning more about my V70. Thank You

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