2000 Subaru Legacy L – Fresh Head Gaskets Out the Door!

2000 Subaru Legacy L – Fresh Head Gaskets Out the Door!

Our Subaru specialist Bill has been hard at work here at Junkyard Revival! We found this car out in a junkyard in NASTY condition. One of the head gaskets were blown, creating a putrid goop that burned with a pungent odor within the exhaust header pipe. The engine was visibly smoking when we found this car. And the brakes? The picture below is actually the BEST looking one out of the four.


Needless to say, we replaced all four of the brakes. After all when we were loading this car up to the tow truck, we were having trouble controlling it because some of the brakes were so worn the brake pads didn’t even exist! It was metal on metal! How this person drove this car was beyond my imagination.

After replacing the brakes, we started the tear down of the head gasket. Lots of pictures!

CAM00093 CAM00094 CAM00091 CAM00087

Then we sent the head out to get polished to close up any last possible compression gaps. I love the look of a new head!


I like to call this out “operation” table. Is this what a doctors table would look like in the middle of a triple bypass? I hope not.


Aaaaaaand finished product. As you might have noticed earlier, this car didn’t come with a bumper. Gotta love it when you find your bumper in the cars original paint! YeaH!


The damage? One head gasket, an exhaust header, intake manifold gasket, 4 brakes, 1 bumper, and 2 hours of detailing, but this transformation was worth seeing…


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