Trouble in Tacoma – 98 Toyota Tacoma

Trouble in Tacoma – 98 Toyota Tacoma

We love it when someone we know makes the decision to hand their trust (and their truck!) over to us. This car belongs to a friend of my named Maddie. Maddie’s truck was making a horrible screeching sound when going into first and second gear. If you sat in the car, the vibration of metal on metal could be felt through the seats! This truck went to three other mechanics with no dice in the end. We were her last hope! It took us a bit of time to figure out where the horrible noise was coming from. Our Toyota mechanics went through the upper and lower control arms. Then the struts, then all the bushings, and then we found this:


A broken motor mount! Usually, the bushings get torn up but we’ve never seen the metal carrier this bad. Then we took the motor mount bushing out. Um, what?! Half of the weight of your 600 pound motor was being supported by this broken bracket?!

CAM00109 CAM00110

That is what happens when the weight of your engine gets sloshed around within the engine bay, free to move with the current of the road. It was a surprise not find the other motor mounts destroyed. Either way, we got to work and finished the job.

CAM00108 CAM00107

She was a happy customer. With a happy truck. The end.


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