On the Road Again! Dodge 3500 Extended Cargo Van

On the Road Again! Dodge 3500 Extended Cargo Van

Our friend Drew’s cargo van was in some desperate need of suspension work. After our standard test drive and diagnosis, this van’s front end suspension was looking sloppy! Considering this is the main tour bus for Left Coast Country (http://www.leftcoastcountry.com), our repairs need to be done right- we don’t want our friends to be stranded on open roads missing tour dates! Its a good thing we have a Dodge mechanic who’s familiar with these buses. Here are a few pictures of the dissection.

CAM00135 CAM00139 CAM00137

You know how mechanics are always telling to you fix something in advance before it becomes a bigger problem? Here’s a great example. This van was in desperate need of front struts. In this situation, the blown strut was transferring so much weight onto the ball joint, it stripped the upper control arm. You can still see where the threads used to be, but if you touched it, the threads felt as smooth as silk. Fascinating!


Also, click the link for Left Coast Country. Some of the best blue grass you’ll here in the northwest.


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