98 Volvo V70XC – Maintenance & Repair EXTRAVAGANZA!

98 Volvo V70XC – Maintenance & Repair EXTRAVAGANZA!

You see these cars all over Portland! One of my favorite models Volvo makes- the 98 Volvo V70XC (Cross Country). Plush interiors, heated seats, and a turbo that still feels strong 15 years later. Did I mention all wheel drive?

This car was purchased used from a private party. All the major components look great, but the car was way behind on maintenance. In fact it was so behind on maintenance, we had to dedicate 2 days worth of time to get it back to factory running condition. We love challenges ūüėČ Here’s the repair/laundry list: transmission fluid service, bevel gear service, breather box service, oil change, left front CV axle, 2 oil cooling lines, back brakes, emergency brake tuning, air filter, 6 vacuum hoses exchanged, coolant change, and 2 tailgate struts.

I’m surprised I remember all that!

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