Volvo S80 Coolant Leak Repair

Volvo S80 Coolant Leak Repair

What a mighty sad Volvo. I received this picture from my friend a few days back. It looked like the car had wet itself from the sheer fear of facing the road.


This, leak had persisted from the day he had bought the car. It leaked out 4 – 5 quarts of coolant every few days. But this isn’t something our shop couldn’t handle. We had the customer dump in a small container of UV dye into the cooling system and waited to see the results.

CAM00190 CAM00188

Gotcha. See the florescent link that is leaking out of the coolant hose? That’s the coolant the S80 was leaking so politely while parked! I love using the UV system. It makes us feel like space age detectives from the FUTURE! Anyways. Onto fixing it.

CAM00186 CAM00187


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