99 Subaru Transmission Project Done!

99 Subaru Transmission Project Done!

Its been a while since we’ve reached out to the internet, but here we are with a few more pictures of whats been going on in the shop. In July, we brought in a 99 Subaru Forester needing a new transmission. We went ahead and ordered a rebuilt transmission.

Our new technician Tim dropped the old transmission within 2 hours. Tim’s an old ASE Master Tech, specializing in Subaru’s. We’re glad to have him on our team.



The rebuilt transmission is finally delivered to the shop. Did I mention we’re also doing ball joints, tie rod ends, clutch, rear main seal, and inspection plate? THAT, is what you call thorough. We won’t be seeing any problems with this car for a while.


Rear main seal is in! I had a picture of the inspection plate going in as well. We’ll post that later. When I find it….


Clutch kit, pressure plate, and transmission are all assembled. Everything is in, and its starting to look like a car again!


These are the output shafts for the center drive shaft. The last step of of the transmission assembly is going in!


The end. Wish I had finished pictures, but I’m not the best at keeping up with the web stuff. I think our pride lies more in fixing our cars than showing them off. ūüôā


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