94 Toyota 4Runner Motor Rebuild!

94 Toyota 4Runner Motor Rebuild!

Here at Junkyard Revival, we have a special love for these V6 4Runners. 4 Wheel drive, plenty of muscle, and its one of the only SUV’s released in the 90’s that isn’t hideous! We rescued this one off the side of the road one day. The motor had thrown a rod and was starting to make a nasty sound when running.


This beauty would have been headed straight to the junkyard if we hadn’t fixed it for the customer. Here is the motor in the midst of its rebuild. We had to pull the engine, compression test and resurface the heads. Not to mention rebuilding the crankshaft, and replacing the piston heads.

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Doesn’t even look like a motor does it? That’s because everything outside of the motor was taken off! Alternator, idler, water pump, belts, intake manifold, spark plugs, value covers, you name it! In the end, everything came together really nice. Our Toyota mechanic put the engine back together with new pistons, crankshaft, head gaskets, intake manifold, water pump, belts, idlers- the whole 9 yards. We gave the engine a great detail and put it back into the truck. It ran like it was brand new. And that’s what we like to see here. It makes the whole job worth it at the end of the day.



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