East Coast Subaru – Buffet of Maintenance!

East Coast Subaru – Buffet of Maintenance!

If anyone ever tells you the car you are looking to purchase is an East Coast car, LOOK UNDER THE CAR. This customer rolled into the shop a few days ago, dumping is 97 Subaru Legacy off a flat bed. He said the car’s brakes didn’t work. The master and slave cylinders weren’t leaking, and the brake pads looked full. Upon further inspection we found this:


and this:


and this:


Then entire underside of the car had been rusted to almost beyond recognition. The brown worm looking things you are staring at is the brake line. The brake lines had rusted so badly, they broke off when trying to unhook them from the frame. The gas lines were just as bad. Its a good thing are Subaru mechanics here are f*ckin wizards.

Anyways. Enough with the drama. Here’s a picture of us replacing the timing belt, water pump, and idlers.



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