1999 Volvo S80 – Suspension Repair Service

1999 Volvo S80 – Suspension Repair Service

The S80 T6 was one of Volvo’s funnest cars made to this day. This car came with a stock twin turbo, and pushed close to 270 horse power. A lot of muscle for any consumer class sedan in that era.

Needless to say, I’ve always wanted to work on one of these Volvo’s. We finally got the chance to repair one of these the other day. She was in sad shape. Broken driver side window. Cruddy brakes. Loose tie rod ends. Power door locks made a hideous buzzing sound every time you turned the key within the door. All 4 struts/shocks were toast. The strut mounts chattered so badly, you couldn’t hear yourself think. And a driver side bearing that would vibrate going faster than 45.

Did I mention no AC, Defrost, or Heating? Yep. The AC blower was out, making this car into a small condensation box of danger.

But, here at Junkyard Revival we like doing things right. So we fixed EVERYTHING. $2300 dollars worth of Volvo repairs. All for a price lower than any Volvo mechanic in town. Wanna Find out how low? BRING US YOUR CAR.


CAM00590 CAM00588

Disassembly & Tim putting the front struts into the strut clamps.


Old Vs. New Strut Mounts. See the different in the hole size? Its the difference between a rough and loud ride, and a smooth and quiet one!

CAM00587 CAM00597

Prepping the new front brake pads. See the difference in width?

CAM00600 CAM00599 CAM00598

Back shock assembly. Love seeing new parts go in!


Front struts in!


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