2003 Ford Expedition – 100k Mile Service

2003 Ford Expedition – 100k Mile Service


When you take care of your car, you keep big problems at bay. Think of taking care of your are in two ways: You’re either going to spend money maintaining it, or you’re going to spend money buying a new one. Either way, you will spend money.

This particular customer brought in his 2003 Expedition for his regular 100k maintenance, and a tune up. The 100k check up is pretty extensive, so we were prepared to bring in a buffet of bad news. But since the customer had taken good care of his truck, almost no problems were found.

We flagged a few transfer case and differential leaks. Pretty normal for the 100k mark.

IMG_20131209_160731 IMG_20131209_160737 IMG_20131209_160807

Its a good thing we caught this on time. Leaking differentials and transfer cases cause vibration, and eventually your differential will lock up and look something like this:


See how the gears are broken and gnawed up? Don’t worry. This didn’t come from the Expedition. This came from another Volvo project we will be posting soon.

Besides doing a set of spark plugs, 4 brake sets, and the transfer case/differential seals this car was a cake walk. Thank you Bruce, for keeping up with your maintenance. You saved yourself A LOT of money.


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