Off Topic – The Shanghai Party Bus Project

Off Topic – The Shanghai Party Bus Project


Painting a bus isn’t a weekend project. This isn’t the project for the DIY weekender looking to do a little extra for his beloved ride. What I am saying is- if you have a bus to paint, do not Craigslist that shit.

Fortunately for our friends at Shanghai Portland, we don’t have room for amateurs on our staff. Not only is our Master Technician a bad ass with a wrench, he kicks ass with a paint gun. He’s like a Bruce Lee, put together with Keanu Reeves without the Keanu Reeves!

This bus project was rescued from a Craigslister in the condition shown above. He managed to paint half the bus, and quit on the second half. Did I mention he was painting it outside in the open air?! He also attempted to paint the bus without any prep work whatsoever…


We’re going to do what we do best here at Junkyard Revival. We’re going to FIX IT, and look good while doing it ūüôā


This is us laying down the prep work needed to put up the paint. It took us a good solid day and a half just to tape off the entire bus.


Our Mechanic Tim, scuffing the existing paint in prep for new paint.


Paint layer without the clear coat.


Scuffing the new paint layer in prep for clear coat.


Clear coat finished! Looks like a new bus. You can even see your own reflection in it! Love the color Dusty @ Shanghai picked out.

IMG_20131126_160416 IMG_20131126_160445 IMG_20131126_160506 IMG_20131126_162045

Wondering about the new surroundings? We painted it in our new shop. We’re preparing to rebrand ourselves to Columbia Autoworks! I feel like its a little more mature. Stayed tune as we build our new shop!


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