Timing Belt Maintenance – 98 Volvo V70

Timing Belt Maintenance – 98 Volvo V70


Meet home girl- this beloved station wagon is a friend of the shop’s! Home girl was purchased from Columbia Autoworks back last year and is now coming back to visit. She had thrown a few misfire codes on the dash, and it was time to do her timing belt. This means timing belt, water pump, idlers, tensioners, cam seals, and pulley replacement. You do the job complete- and you won’t have to spend the money on labor getting back into the car!

Upon inspection we also saw some leaks around the transmission output shaft. This means the wheel, and CV axle has to come out too! Here’s a picture of the carnage ūüôā



Now with the CV axle taken out, we can finally put the new seal in! Got to love the look of a fresh seal!


NO LEAKS! Its a good thing we found this leak in time. Output shaft seal leaks lead to vibration. And vibration leads to broken transmission!

Here’s a random picture of Tim diagnosing the misfire problem. Doesn’t look like much but those synapses are working!


After playing around with the engine for an hour or so, we found the misfire problem to be due to a vacuum leak in the turbo. That wasn’t much of a problem, so we’ll spare you the details of that.


A quick wrestle with the harmonic balancer, and our water pump is finally out!


New timing components! Look closer and you can even see the timing marks on point. She’s good to go another 90,000 miles!


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