Rescued! 93 Acura Legend – Over Heating

Rescued! 93 Acura Legend – Over Heating


This granny car was brought into us a few days ago. It was over heating within a few minutes of driving! We’ve always loved the Honda/Acura brand, so its a good thing we’ve had experience repairing these!

Majority of over heating issues come from one of the two components: Water pump, or Radiator. Fixing a radiator would have been a lot simply for our friend Jesse, but unfortunately it turned out to be the latter. After tearing apart the car, we found the culprit red handed!


Water pumps are engineered so that when they break, the coolant leaks straight through a hole on the bottom of the water pump. See the residue next to the hole?  CAM00052

BUSTED. Another tell tale is looking at the aluminum around the water pump. See the white moldy stuff around the water pump? That’s corrosion due to the coolant drying on the aluminum. Sometimes, a peak underneath the timing belt cover can tell you everything you need to know without tearing it apart.

It also looks like our friend has been driving this car over heating for quite some time too. Upon inspecting the cams, we found melted plastic! This means the block was running hot enough to melt it.


So where is this melting plastic coming from? After taking out the cam gear, we found the source.


Cam shaft position sensor- MELTED. Now, this is about an extra 2 hours worth of labor to take out. We could just not tell the customer about it since the cam sensor was operational at the time. A broken one would keep the engine from firing correctly. But being the GOOD mechanics we are, we delivered the bad news. Its better that way. This cam sensor was on its last legs, and if it were to break in the future, it would be another timing belt job all together.

So we purchased a new OEM cam sensor. See the difference? Its night and day!


Any ways. The cars back together. The over heating problem is history. Another happy customer on the road.


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