2002 Volkswagen Jetta/Bora – Preventative Maintenance & Road Trips

2002 Volkswagen Jetta/Bora – Preventative Maintenance & Road Trips


Here at Columbia Autoworks, there is no car we are biased against. WE LOVE ON ALL CARS. This one rolled in a few days ago needing some leaks fixed, and some basic maintenance. The transmission fluid was really low, and there were leaks all over the place! This customer needed to put close to 5000 miles onto this car in the next few coming months, and we were hired to make this car road trip safe!

Anyways. The main transmission leak was found at the transmission output seal. Here’s a picture of what that looked like.


The seal itself was about $30.00 dollars, but getting to the seal meant taking out the passenger side axle. Which meant the brakes, and rotors have to go too! After a few hours of work we finally get to the axle seal.


This transmission must have been leaking for quite some time. Usually when you unplug the axle, you get a small dribble of transmission fluid that comes out of the hole above.


Nice. New seal in, no more leaking! Now we can go ahead with the transmission flush. I’d show you pictures of that, but im going to spare you the details of that. With the new seal in, this transmission should have no problem holding its fluids in!

On our way out, we also did the CV axle and ball joint. It costs the customer a little extra in parts, but it will save money in the long run. If you’re paying the mechanic to get to a certain part of the car, ALWAYS replace as many of the needed parts on your way out!



Now onto the Valve cover gasket. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the leak, but here’s something close to it. You can see it was gushing out of the sides.


Now lets take care of it! Ever seen whats under a valve cover gasket?


And here it is all put back together.


All in all, the customer was happy. This car was brought in with the transmission fluid leaking, and the gears were slipping all over the place. Now a simple transmission flush usually doesn’t help with a slipping transmission, but with how low the fluids were, this bought our customer time to find out what he needed to do to the car.

By the time we were done with this car, we had put in new Valve cover gaskets, CV Axle, ball joint, aligned the front and back wheels, fixed a transmission output seal, and flushed the transmission. All for the price of less than $1000.00 dollars.

Maybe we’ll sneak in “On The Road” by Willie Nelson into our customer’s CD player before he goes….


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