Volvo is now an AOL Technology Finalist!

Volvo is now an AOL Technology Finalist!


Every once in a while, my obsession with Volvo’s roll into what is up and coming. We get a lot of repair jobs with the V70, V50, and 850’s but sometimes its nice to dream about whats coming next.

I took a look at the main blog of Volvo Corporation of America and found something interesting today. Apparently, Volvo is now a AOL Technology Finalist! This award is given to some of the most technology driven cars made today. Technology is always something amazing to look forward to. Especially technology you can hold in your hand, giving you the ability to access the internet and beyond.

Are we ready for technology to start driving your car for you? This notion makes me a bit uncomfortable. The technology developed by Volvo is created for the safety of on street pedestrians. According to this new technology, Volvo’s camera system has learned how to detect persons near your car when driving. When the person gets too close for comfort and within the kill-zone of a car, this new technology will automatically engage the brakes at full stop.

I’m not sure what to think of this. Maybe this is just another transition period of technology. The stage when technology becomes too uncomfortably close to living our lives for us. Maybe I’m wrong. Read more about it, and tell me what you think!


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