88 Subaru Loyale DL – Oil Gusher!

88 Subaru Loyale DL – Oil Gusher!


There comes a time when you have to admit to yourself, your car needs some expert help. In this case, it took the customer dumping close to two quarts a week of oil to notice the red flags! Oil leaks are not a big deal, but they can turn into one if you let it persist.

How you ask? Well, let me show you…


See the prehistoric layer of oil that engulfs the entire under body of the car? This is a big sign that the engine had not only been gushing oil, but had been doing it for quite some time. The problem isn’t the mess-


The problem comes when there is so much fresh oil all over the motor, spotting the oil leak is like finding a needle in a hay stack!


But, its a good thing we’re experienced with these things. Our mechanic Tim spotted the driver side cam seal leaking… amongst other things..CAM00146

In the end, we did both cam seals, and a front crank seal. The oil damaged the timing belts on this car, so we replaced those as well.


Back together again. No leaks. Happy car, happy customer!


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