96 Volvo 850 – Engine Swap!

96 Volvo 850 – Engine Swap!


This physical beauty limped into the shop the other day. It was brought in on the back of a trailer, non running. Upon further inspection, Cylinders 3 and 5 had compression ratings of 0, and 90 respectively. To add salt onto the wound, this car had been driven with massive oil leaks, and a staggering misfire. When we checked the oil cap, the engine was dry like it had been running without oil for weeks!

We recommended an engine swap to the customer, and contacted our friends at Portland Imports. Portland imports is one of the city’s most dependable used engine dealers. These guys are pretty thorough, and we’ve had a long relationship with them.We picked up a motor with compression measuring 185 psi across the board!


This new engine is beautiful. With compression measuring at top performance, we’re going to have some happy customers! Lets start with the dis-assembly! Its a long process, so we’ll let the pictures tell the story ūüôā


Our lead master mechanic detaching all the vaccum hoses and wiring.


In this particular Volvo, the transmission needs to come out of the car for the engine to come out correctly. Here’s a picture of the axles being taken out of the 850.


Engine crane is now taking the blown motor out.



Finally! Engine is out of the car.


New engine is now in! Gotta love the sight of a new motor in a car. Feels like a heart transplant if I had ever done one before! What did you miss you ask?

Well, if you really wanted to be bored with the details we spent a great deal of time tuning the new motor. A lot of the original parts we swapped from the old motor carried old symptoms. The idling problem originally reported by the customer was not only a blown motor but a bad MAF Sensor, and a plugged up fuel pressure regulator.

The emission systems between the new motor and the old motor we not the same, so we had to swap the turbo’s and bypass the new EGR system that was inside the new motor.

Here’s something to keep in mind for all you DIY’ers- If you are swapping the 850 2.3 motor, make sure you match the emission systems as well as the VIN code for the easiest plug and play job. You can get away with a different EGR system as long as the old motor doesn’t have the EGR system in play!


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