2006 Toyota Camry – Timing Belt Over Due by 70k Miles!

2006 Toyota Camry – Timing Belt Over Due by 70k Miles!


Sometimes, by the grace of AMAZING LUCK a car makes it into the shop on a timing belt that is way past due. The owners of this car were old return customers, and wanted to double check the car before taking it on a road trip to California. We checked all the cars major vitals, and everything checked out.

Out of pure curiosity, I was asked the couple when the last time they had done their timing belt. To my surprise, the car was bought with 25,000 miles and had never gotten a timing belt done before. Your timing belt is supposed to be done around the 80k-100k mark. The car we were looking at had close to 162,000 miles.

The timing belt was over due by ATLEAST 62,000 miles. When a timing belt snaps, it means certain destruction of the engine. To explain it simply, your timing belt keeps the top part of the engine (the cylinder head) from smashing into the bottom part of the engine (the block) by timing the components inside the engine to miss each other on each stroke of the piston.

So today, we saved a car from certain doom. Its a good feeling. Here are some pictures of the tear down and the assembly.


Getting to the harmonic balance / crank. We’ll need access on the bottom end of the engine to pull the little pulley to the right of the brake rotor.


Inside the timing belt assembly. In this project we will be replacing the hydraulic tensioner, water pump, and idler in addition to the timing belt.


New component kit is in! Nice shiny new parts!

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