04 Nissan Xterra – Broken Leaf Springs and Rusty Dreams

04 Nissan Xterra – Broken Leaf Springs and Rusty Dreams


Sometimes, looking at the outside of the car doesn’t tell you the story of what that car has been through. This is a great illustration of that statement.

A few days ago, we got a call from our friend WitchBaby. Yes, her name really is THAT adorable. She was bringing her car into the shop and asked if we could take a look at it. Apparently the car had been making noises like “two pieces of metal clapping together”. It didn’t take us long to find what the problem was:



Note for the future: Your leaf springs are not supposed to be missing gigantic chunks of metal out of them.

Its a wonder how these leaf springs have made it this far! Given a little bit of time, the back right leaf spring could have been completely dragging on the ground (not to mention, maybe given flipping the back end of the car up).

And then there’s the rust:


Nebraska roads must have been MADE of salt! After much pounding, drilling, and wrestling (we even had to bust out a SAW ZAW), we put in a new set of shocks. Given the budget, we also managed to sneak in brakes on all 4 wheels, and fixed a few of the radiator leaks.

CAM00525 CAM00524 CAM00523 CAM00522 CAM00521

She was happy, the technicians were happy, and of course- the car was happy. No more death mobile!

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