98 Subaru Legacy – Saving Gas and Swapping Cats!

98 Subaru Legacy – Saving Gas and Swapping Cats!


Incase you didn’t know, the word “Cat” is short for Catalytic Converter. We at Columbia Autoworks do love cats, but we not trade cats in the black market.

This is a relatively short story, so I’ll keep it simple. Our friend Barbra rolled into the shop the other day complaining about bad fuel economy. One of the biggest culprits to bad fuel economy is the exhaust system. Between the oxygen sensors, and the catalytic converter, the two components can easily account for 20% of your fuel economy. In Barbra’s case, the catalytic converter was out, so the fuel in the exhaust system was not being recycled and re-burned correctly. This leads to putrid smells of your Subaru Legacy smelling like un-burnt gas.

The solution? Replace the cat. Here it is dropped out of the bottom of the car.


Beautiful. Not much else but putting it back together here. Wouldn’t want to bore you with the details- we’ll keep that story with the mechanics.

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