99 Toyota Solara – Misfire and Emissions Problems

99 Toyota Solara – Misfire and Emissions Problems


I tend to like the shortest stories the best. If problems were always this easy to repair, we’d be MILLIONAIRES. And our mechanics would be showering in Snap-On Tools. That might hurt a little come to think of it.

The reason I called this job easy is for a few reasons:

  1. The problem is not a result of multiple components breaking down at the same time.
  2. The part replacement was easy to get to, and didn’t have any trouble coming out.
  3. Once replaced, our diagnosis was correct and we didn’t need to re-diagnose the car.

The check engine light is usually the first clue to the source of the problem. Its a good thing we have a Snap-On Modis to help us diagnose this problem. The Snap-On Modis is like an AutoZone scanner on steroids. That is, if the steroids were made of rocket fuel.


After a few minutes conversing with the car, we figured out it was a simple 02 (oxygen) sensor. Its a good thing we didn’t just immediately recommend a tune-up like all mediocre shops out there. The misfire in the Solara was due to an incorrect air/fuel mixture caused by the oxygen sensor. Long story short, if we had completed the picture set, we would have shown you a mechanic screwing in a new 02 sensor.

We need to start taking pictures of happy customers walking away…

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