2001 Volvo V40 – Turning Death Traps Into Driveable Cars!

2001 Volvo V40 – Turning Death Traps Into Driveable Cars!


Sometimes, cars become so overdue on maintenance they become nothing short of a death trap. I wanted to post this job because I wanted to show our readers just how bad the brake system on this 2001 Volvo V40 was.

This customer rolled in the other day after getting a full inspection from another shop. The brake lines were leaking, and the customer was losing braking power while driving. That my friends- was an understatement. Losing power would be if you could brake using the brake pedal…


Keep in mind: All modern brake systems are hydraulic. This means your brake hoses are made to withstand a large amount of pressure, and in turn carry that same pressure over to your calipers. The pictures above show you just how bad the brake hose leak was. Leaking brake lines means no pressure. No pressure means ABSOLUTELY NO BRAKES. Our customer here must have been using the E-Brake…

Anyways. Our magicians (ahem, I mean mechanics) spent a little time with our poor Volvo and replaced all the brake hoses. They were all in the midst of going out anyways! Here’s some pictures of some sweet brake lines:

CAM00598 CAM00599 CAM00597 CAM00596

The hose on the very bottom was the worst of all. You can see the residue left over from the brake hose leaking fluid!

Anyways. Lesson is: Don’t drive a car without brakes. E-brakes aren’t meant to be used everyday ūüôā


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