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The easiest and simplest system in your car, is also the most important: Your hydraulic braking system. Because of the sheer liability of this system, our mechanics are dedicated to delivering perfection quality service everytime. Read more below on how we make that happen.

Quality Parts vs Affordable Parts

The importance of brake jobs are the most commonly overlooked process in the automotive repair industry. Unlike majority of repair shops out there, we make sure every brake service is put together with the highest quality of aftermarket parts available. Majority of our brake assemblies consist of ceramic brake pads, and new rotors. At very least, all of our parts are OEM quality – insuring less brake noise, less brake dust, and extended longevity and safety. At Columbia Autoworks quality, safety and affordability is a single choice.

Comprehensive Brake Check

To decrease liability issues, our shop is dedicated in making sure your brake system is working correctly. Brake rotors and pads are just the beginning of our check list. Our brake check includes brakes and rotors, brake calipers, hydraulic soft lines, hydraulic hard lines, the master cylinder, brake booster, all brake line junctions, and much much more. All for the price of free.

Full Service at Your Disposal

After our comprehensive brake check, our repair technicians are poised to do what it takes to keep you on the road safely. Columbia Autoworks is a full service brake repair shop, ranging everything from brake booster rebuilds, hardline fabrication, brake pad and rotor install, hydraulic fluid bleeding, to master cylinder and caliper repair. Our mechanics are trained and experienced in making sure they do your brake job correctly the first time.