Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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Worried about a check engine light on your dash? A check engine light is a first response for many of the problems your vehicle is experiencing. From fuel trim, catalytic converter, evaporative system issues, to cylinder misfire and transmission speed sensor issues, your Check Engine Light is your direct line of communication with your car. Majority of the times, these Check Engine Light codes are all tied to a singular problem. Find out how we at Columbia Autoworks solve your Check Engine Light problems below.

Advanced Systems Diagnostics

Don’t be fooled by your simple free scan at your local Auto Zone. Purchasing parts for your car based on the code the CheckEngine Light gives is like problem solving with a quarter of the required information. Our comprehensive and freeadvanced diagnostic will give our mechanics and technicians in depth information you can rely on. From individual sensor testing, advanced scanner diagnostics, to evaporative smoke testing, we seek out the problems that your car is trying to communicate -giving you the proper price tag to fix your car.

Drive Cycle Testing

After conducting the repair work, our technicians take the extra step to make sure your Check Engine Light stays off. System Drive Cycles are tests that your car will perform after every repair job. Majority of these tests may take a few days worth of driving to get rid of. Our experts at Columbia Autoworks will put in the extra time to make sure your car finishes these Drive Cycles. When you get your car back Check Engine Light free, it will mean just that.

Voltage test