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Engine Repair

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Headgasket replacement

Your engine is the pumping heart of your entire vehicle. It provides power to your transmission, electricity for your radio, self circulates coolant through out itself, and provides the hydraulic pressure needed for your power steering. If you are experiencing engine problems, or what to take proper maintenance of your engine, Columbia Autoworks is the right choice.

Complete Engine Analysis

Before making the big leap in purchasing a new engine, our mechanics at Columbia Autoworks provide you with the right information to make an educated decision. From 5% leak down testing, compression testing, advanced scanner diagnostics, to cylinder head pressure testing, our test data will provide with, or without a doubt that a rebuilt engine is what you need. All for the cost of free.

New, Rebuilt, Or Used

Like everybody else, we understand the importance of stretching your bottom dollar. We provide multiple options for engine replacement, to fit every budget. Our rebuilt engines are sourced from rebuilders with over 60 years of experience in the industry and come with a eighteen thousand mile limited warranty. In selecting a used engine, our service managers maintain a long rolodex of great resources. Many check points are inspected before purchasing the engine including: the condition of the car it was taken from, mileage, leak down test results, compression results, and product warranty. At Columbia Autoworks, spending your money is viewed exactly the same as spending our own. After all, we have to put our name on it.

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All of our engine replacement quotes come with full tune ups including spark plugs and wires. Every gasket is inspected for replacement, and cleaned off before installation. The existing cooling system is inspected to make sure our technicians are installing your new engine into a habitable environment.