Exhaust & Muffler Repair

Exhaust & Muffler Repair 2016-01-14T19:22:32+00:00

A proper exhaust and muffler system helps your car run quieter, improves engine performance, and enhances your fuel economy —getting you more miles per gallon. Read more below about how our full fledged exhaust repair shop delivers OEM quality repair work.

Direct Fit or No Fit

If you are experiencing a muffler or exhaust leak, many shops will cut and weld into your exhaust system without telling you. While the price stays relatively the same, this leaves the same exhaust system in your car while costing you hundreds down the road. Everything Columbia Autoworks installs is top quality OEM comparable and direct bolt on (no welding) – giving you your maximum dollar value and keeping your car out of our shop.

Go Complete or Go Home

Many muffler shops are about upfront profitability – buying you the cheapest parts and reusing as many parts as possible. At Columbia Autoworks we stand behind our service, not the large number on your bill. Every exhaust repair service is quoted with new gaskets, muffler rings, and new hardware (if necessary). All with a price you can afford.

Exhaust System Diagnostics

Our shop is complete with state of the art diagnosis equipment to help find those annoying exhaust problems that keep you from passing the Oregon DEQ. From oxygen sensor (02 sensor) problems, excessive hydrocarbons, to exhaust leaks and check engine lights, our advanced scanner diagnostics, and evap leak testing can solve it all.