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Quotes and Estimates

Finding a dependable quote is hard to do. Often, our customers experience a large difference of prices between every repair shop when calling for quotes. But at Columbia Autoworks, we take all the guesswork out of shopping for automotive repair. Instead of handing over dishonest pricing over the phone, we put in the diagnosis work to give you the true cost of repair – for free. When you are given an estimate for repair, it is exactly what it sounds like: the price tag to fix your car.

Preventative vs. Affordable Maintenance

The technicians at Columbia Autoworks are trained to look for two types of mechanical / automotive problems: The type that will endanger you, and the type that will destroy your car. We understand the importance of balancing budget and automotive dependability. Our staff along with majority of our customers believe afforable auto repair, which is why your bill will never stack up to be thousands in repairs you don’t need. After our basic vehicle check in and diagnosis, you will have the information you need to make the right choice.

Predictive Servicing

We hand out our free diagnosis for two reasons. First, we as repair technicians want to discover the problem and test the solution before putting a price tag on it. Second, what is the point in paying a price tag to figure out how much the price tag is? Because our solutions are tested out before hand, our service is predictable – which means your budget will stay within the range we quoted you. No less, no more.

Warranties You Can Believe In

Every auto repair job is backed by two warranties. All labor and workmanship is backed by a 100% lifetime warranty. We stand behind our mechanics, and we want you to stand behind them too. Our parts and manufacturing warranty is anywhere between three years to lifetime, on a nationwide scale. This means if our parts leave you stuck out in another state, our nationwide retailer can pick up the tab.