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At Columbia Autoworks we focus on providing repair work that will save you thousands down the road. Small problems within your cooling and radiator system can easily turn into costly repairs when not taken care of proactively. This is how we keep money in your pocket.

Advanced Cooling System Diagnosis

Traditional mechanics sight cooling system leaks by sight. At our shop, we use a variety of tools to make sure we give you the entire picture. From using ultra violet light detection, pressure testing, to chemical and compression testing, our focus is to give you a comprehensive picture of your cooling system. Many times, bigger leaks within your system can cover up smaller leaks the eye can not see. Our testing is not only centralized in finding the problem part, but also the possibility of bigger problems looming in the background. It does not matter how inexpensive your radiator or cooling system fix is, if the looming problem will cost you hundreds. At Columbia Autoworks, we make sure every dollar spent is a dollar spent wisely.

Related Parts and Services

All our repair work is quoted with materials and parts that will keep you out of the shop. For example, our radiator services are first tested for head gasket problems, then quoted with not just the radiator, but also upper and lower radiator hoses, thermostat, gasket, new fluids, and radiator cap. By replacing the entire exterior eco system, we make sure you don’t have to double pay for the same labor – keeping your car more dependable, with less down time.

Full Service Available

Radiators are only part of your car’s extensive cooling system. Columbia Autoworks is a full service radiator and cooling system shop. Our services include: Radiator, Coolant Hose, Thermostat, Heater Core, and Cylinder Head Gasket repair. From basic service to full on engine repair, your confidence is safe with our team.

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