Suspension & Steering

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Your suspension and steering are one of the most important components for safety in your car. Problems within these two systems will give you an unstable car and may completely impede you from steering correctly. If you are experiencing driveability issues in your vehicle, read more below about how we bring the control back to your hands.

Hands On Tire

Our vehicle shake down testing is just one of the series of tests we perform to insure your safety. Majority of our suspensiontesting requires two technicians, and all problem parts are visually and physically detected. We want you to get the most out of your parts, so all parts on your quote will take that into consideration – balancing affordability and safety into one service you can rely on.

After Market or OEM

All our parts come with a three year to lifetime limited warranty – regardless of whether or not it is an OEM part. On request, we can give you an estimate for OEM parts vs After Market. We understand the difference between safety, longevity, and affordability and we give you the power to make that decision.

Full Suspension and Steering Services

From tie rod ends, drag links, pitman arms, sway bar links to suspension and steering rack installs, Columbia Autoworks has you covered. Our expert technicians will diagnose, install and test every part we put into your car, giving you the peace of mind you are paying for. Every repair service comes with a lifetime warranty on all labor.

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