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Your timing chain or belt is what keeps your engine running in perfect synchronization. The timing assembly makes sure the compression and intake stroke of your pistons are timed perfectly to your valves intaking and expelling air and exhaust. Without the cooperation of this simple part, your engine will effectively destroy itself from the inside out. To say the least, this piece of preventative maintenance is essential. Read more below about how our mechanics make sure your engine is safe and sound.

Associated Parts Replacement

All our timing belt and chain quotes include everything to not only keep your engine safe and sound, but to save you time and money. Our timing service includes all timing belts and chains, camshaft and crankshaft seals, hydraulic tensions, idler pulleys, valve cover gasket(s), chain guides, and water pump. Here at Columbia Autoworks, we know that simple oil leaks around the timing assembly can vastly reduce the life of your new timing belt. Making the decision with our service is making a decision to save yourself money.

Our Service

During our timing service, our mechanics meticulously record the timing state of your engine. “Witness Marks” and generously used despite having many of the same marks already existing on your engine. This gaurantees our ability to double check against previous running states of the vehicle, and prevents the possibility of putting together a timing job that is mis-timed.

Our Parts

All our timing components are bought either from aftermarket resources, or factory OEM – your choice. Affordability is often an issue with this service, and we want to make sure you will get the most out of your dollar. Our knowledgable service managers can scale our service depending on budget, and insure that you squeeze every bit of usability with your hard earned resources.

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