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Can your current mechanic tell the difference between a transmission problem and a electrical problem? At Columbia Autoworks, we have a staff centralized around transmission diagnosis and repair. Before you spend thousands of dollars rebuilding your transmission, come see what our opinion is. All our transmission diagnostics are free. Heres what our service entails:

Advanced Scanner Diagnostics

If your transmission is experiencing problems in driveability, a simple Auto Zone scan will not tell you the whole store. Our staff is obsessively trained in advanced scanner diagnostics, and ready to break down the complexity of your transmission problem. From domestic and asian to european transmissions, our collective shop experience will give you a peace of mind.

Transmission & Torque Converter Rebuild

Despite our vast abilities in automotive repair, we are not going to claim to be experts in transmission rebuild. Transmission rebuild technicians are completely different from general auto repair, as automatic and manual transmissions can have as many as four hundred moving parts. Instead, we employ the services of the most experienced transmission builder in town. Having an eighty plus year history of transmission repair, and an unbeatable twelve thousand mile / one year warranty, your transmission will be repaired by knowledge you can trust.

Clutch Replacement

Our clutch repair includes the following: Clutch disc, pressure plate, clutch throwout bearing, flywheel, pilot bearing, hardware, and rear main seal / inspection plate. Every clutch job is quoted with the parts above to make sure your vehicle stays dependable. Our standard warranty also applies to every job!

Transmission Fluids

The staff is at your service in maintaining your current or new transmission. From transmission filters, pan gaskets, output and input seals to full fluid flushes, Columbia Autoworks can serve all your transmission needs. We also use factory spec fluid to provide the highest longevity in your investment.



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