Who We Are

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We are your friends and allies.

With a staff assembled from a dice roll of different genders, ethnicities, orientations and experience, we want to represent who we serve. From our customer service to every day protocols, we make decisions to reflect our vision of the world we want to live in. We believe in equal rights and equal treatment, and exercise our ideal through a diverse hiring and training process. Unlike most auto repair shops, our service advisors are hired based on customer service experience vs sales records. Kindness and open-mindedness puts us in the front row of hearing your needs for automotive service.

We are your automotive educators.

Say good bye to smug service advisors who snicker at “bad” questions. Don’t understand why your car needs a part? We have an explanation for you. Or a picture. Or a video or two. Purchasing automotive service can feel sketchy when you don’t know what you’re buying, and have no clue how much it costs or what it does. Our staff understands you, because we have all been there- and as service advisors our responsibility, is to help you make the best educated decision.

We are your wallet’s conscience.

Devotion to our customer experience means telling the truth at all times. Whether profitable or not, we make sure every customer understands the present value of their car. Are you hanging onto a car that costs more to repair than most cars? You’ll know before ever making a decision on your service work.

We have your back.

At Columbia Autoworks, we understand that true value doesn’t stop at affordable work. We believe at the end of the day; success is ultimately determined by our customers. Whether that success is based on efficiency, affordability, communication, or how they are treated, our team is dedicated to creating a unique customer experience that you can find safety in.